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You've learned your choreography, speech, presentation, lines, lyrics, notes, or chords and the big performance is on the horizon! How exciting! So why do you feel only anxiety and despair when this is something you've really been looking forward to or something that you know you must do?

Often it’s our nerves, confidence, and self-belief that get in the way of us getting excited or anxious about presenting the things we've worked so hard on to our audience. Sometimes, these troubling emotions can make us lose our focus and get in the way of giving an accomplished performance, speech, or presentation. Wouldn't it be so much more fulfilling if you could just relax and enjoy it?
The pressure to perform and succeed whilst under close scrutiny from others can leave us feeling panicked and overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and nerves and it's only natural to worry about the judgements that others might make of us. You might even be having difficulty getting over a previous negative event that has diminished your confidence. Whatever the case may be, hypnotherapy can help you to regain control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and put you firmly back in control of yourself.
Ninety per cent of any skills performance is in the mind and whilst you are under hypnosis, the synapses in your brain fire, respond, and learn in exactly the same way they would if the event was happening in real life. Under hypnosis, you can rehearse for the big performance. Within your mind you will practice your speech, presentation, choreography, lines, lyrics, chord changes, instrumental technique, jokes, or tricks. Whatever you need to perform well in, you can practise it all in a place of focus and comfort. In this way, your unconscious mind can build neural pathways to success, confidence, and self-belief as it experiences the positive emotional affirmation of success in your future speech, presentation, or performance.

After a relaxing induction into hypnosis, you will learn how negative self-talk, stress, anxiety, and nerves can adversely affect your performance and how to control these symptoms if and when you need to. You will also be taught coping strategies such as anchoring, breathing, and grounding techniques and if required, any negative events that are holding you back can also be explored and processed. You will be left free of nerves and full of the confidence you require to go on and give your best performance yet.
This course of hypnotherapy can usually be completed in four sessions. You will also be sent voice recordings of your individualised scripts at several stages to listen to at home. This allows you to re-enforce what you are learning between sessions and provides you with ongoing support should you need it again in the future. 

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