The world has really changed in the past few years and we now increasingly find ourselves having to step outside of our comfort zones which can lead us to feel a little overwhelmed and unsure of ourselves.


Perhaps you've been looking forward to getting back out into the world, meeting new people, or reconnecting with friends and colleagues that you've missed or maybe, the thought of making conversation again sends your social anxiety skyrocketing? Perhaps you are searching for a new job and feel intimidated by the mere thought of the interview? Maybe you are newly single and concerned that your patter might be a little rusty? Maybe you'd like to take some time to work on your self-confidence a little before you throw yourself back into the world?

Whether it's your self-confidence or the confidence in your ability to perform well in something, we all suffer from nagging doubts within ourselves from time to time, but you deserve to feel good, to love yourself, and to enjoy being the unique person that you are, because you are already, more than enough.

One key technique that I love to use within all of my scripts is ego-strengthening. I ask my clients to name three things that they are proud of achieving in their lives and everyone always has great deal of trouble coming up with the third thing. Perhaps it's because we are taught not to be boastful or to demonstrate a sense of pride from a young age? Maybe it's because we only seem to focus on what we haven't done, instead of being mindful of the amazing little things that we do every single day? One thing is for sure, most people find it hard to focus on their strengths and to understand how uniquely special they are, just the way they are.

We all have very different levels of self-confidence and self-belief within every role or identity that we take on or fulfil in our lives. For instance, we may feel that we are capable parents or caregivers, but feel that we are lacking competence in other areas such as our jobs, in social situations, or when meeting new people. We might worry that we will do or say the wrong thing, that we are not skilled or knowledgeable enough, that we may lack the ability to speak in public or put our opinions across in an eloquent enough fashion. We might worry that we will appear in so many negative ways and this leads us to feel uncomfortable and judged before we've even tried.

Low self-confidence occurs because we create a negative mindset about ourselves. We only hear unconscious self-limiting beliefs, talk negatively to ourselves, feel stressed and anxious, and as a result, we might increasingly engage in self-defeating behaviours.  

These self-limiting behaviours may arise from experiences or interactions that we had as children, develop later in life after experiencing bullying, not achieving things that were expected of us, being involved in a toxic relationship, or after a period of intense stress or experiencing a loss. These experiences can make us begin to see ourselves from a very different and unhelpful perspective.

Low self-confidence or self-worth might manifest as:

  • High sensitivity to criticism

  • Withdrawing from social interactions

  • Always feeling irritated 

  • Hostile behaviour

  • Focusing on personal problems

  • Negative self–talk

  • Feelings of worthlessness and defeat

  • Needing lots of reassurance

  • Feeling judged

  • Self-doubt

  • Feeling shameful

  • Feeling guilty 

  • Increased pessimism 

  • Exaggerated emotions

  • Self-blame

  • Lack of boundaries

  • Putting others down or gossiping

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (CBH) can help you to break negative thought patterns, self-limiting thoughts and feelings, and stop you from engaging in self-defeating behaviours. It can help you to see yourself from a new perspective, to focus on your strengths, and to re-discover your innate sense of self-confidence. We are after all, not born with low self-confidence, it's something that's programmed into us, both by ourselves and others.  

Hypnotherapy can help you to line up your new unconscious positive beliefs with the way that you consciously want to feel. Instead of working in opposition, the two parts of our minds can be aligned and set on a path to achieving a high level of self-confidence and a more peaceful and meaningful existence. When our unconscious minds sees ourselves and the world around us from a fresh and positive perspective we think, feel, and behave differently. 

This course of hypnotherapy can be completed over four to six sessions but some client's may require more in depth methods such as regression if a root cause needs to be investigated. If this might be a possibility, it will be discussed after the first few sessions and the approach that we take then negotiated to get the best possible outcome for you. As part of your comprehensive hypnotherapeutic program, you'll be provided with voice recordings of your individualised scripts so that you can listen to them between sessions to re-enforce what you are learning and to provide ongoing support should you need it in the future.


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