Exams and tests can be very difficult for most people. You’re expected to turn up on the day having studied so hard for so long, full of knowledge and then, you're just expected to be able to turn it on and perform brilliantly. The problem is, having built this day up in our heads, we are now so terrified of failure that we can’t think straight.

Unhelpful thoughts and feelings are just some of the ways that we experience anxiety. We constantly ruminate over "What If?" thoughts like "What if I fail?" "What if I forget everything I’ve learned?" "What if my hand shakes so badly, that I can’t write?" All of these thoughts are natural and believe me, you are really, truly not alone in them.

Often it’s our nerves, confidence, and self-belief that get in the way of us passing any test or exam, at any point in our lives. The pressure to perform and succeed whilst under such close scrutiny can leave us feeling panicked and overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and nerves. I love doing these sessions because I know how tough tests and exams can be, whatever age you are or stage of life you are at. 

Hypnotherapy has long been the go to approach to assist people in overcoming self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviours, improving motivation, and helping people to improve their performance in many areas. Often, the ability to perform well in something has more to do with how you approach it mentally, rather than the actual physical abilities that you already possess.

Hypnotherapy helps you to improve and enhance your mental attitude towards tests and exams by helping you to:


  • Relax

  • Release stress

  • Manage anxieties

  • Remove negative thoughts and self-defeating beliefs

  • Boost your self-esteem

  • Improve your self-confidence and self-belief

  • Increase your motivation and dedication

  • Maintain your composure and overcome distractions

  • Focus on your own performance

  • Achieve your goals and aspirations


90% of any skills performance is all in the mind and when you are under hypnosis the synapses in your brain fire, respond, and learn in exactly the same way they would if the event was happening to you in real life. Under hypnosis, you can rehearse for whatever test or exam your future might hold. In this way, your unconscious mind can build neural pathways to success, confidence, and self-belief as it experiences the positive emotional affirmation of success in all future tests and exams.

Hypnotherapy is brilliant for anxiety-based issues. It can improve focus, memory, and concentration and foster a more positive mindset, turning those "What Ifs?" into "I Cans!" After a relaxing induction into hypnosis, you will learn how negative self-talk, stress, and anxiety can negatively affect your performance during your test or exam and how to control these symptoms if and when you need to. You will be taught coping strategies such as anchoring, breathing, and grounding techniques that can leave you free of nerves and full of the confidence you require to go on and ace your test or exam for real.


This course of hypnotherapy can usually be completed in three to four sessions. You will also be sent voice recordings of your individualised scripts at several stages so that you can listen to them at home. This will enable you to re-enforce what you've been learning between sessions and provide you with ongoing support should you ever need it in the future.

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