Children's Toys

Hypnotherapy is suitable for children aged 5 years to 18 years and I love this aspect of my practice! Children tend to learn hypnosis easier than adults given their tendency to become naturally absorbed in a task, a story, or during play. You only have to think about how your little one becomes so transfixed on the TV or a video game to appreciate how easily children naturally pass into a hypnotic state on a daily basis!

Hypnotherapy for children is such a gentle, non-confrontational way to address whatever issue may be going on for them. The therapeutic goals desired can be made effortlessly through fun tasks such as drawing, playing with toys, role play, and story-telling.


I love creative writing, so I particularly enjoy crafting bespoke stories with your child at the heart of them! The beauty of working with children is that powerful and positive change can also be made whilst your child is alert, something that cannot always be achieved with adult clients. The methods chosen will be entirely focused around your child, their favourite toys, hobbies, characters and friends, and can be best decided upon when taking their age, presenting issue and attention span into consideration.

Your child can be guided how to reduce stress and anxiety through naturally taught anchoring, breathing, and grounding exercises and become empowered through storytelling, drawing, and playing games, all the while being taught how to release the negative emotions and issues they may be struggling with. I aim to make sessions interesting and fun whilst achieving the therapeutic changes that your child desires.

Some conditions that hypnotherapy for children can be useful for are:

With such a variety of presenting issues covered, I like to use many different hypnotherapeutic approaches when working with both children and adults drawing upon techniques such as:

  • Ericksonian metaphor / storytelling 

  • Dynamic imagery

  • Calm place

  • Role play

  • Ego-strengthening

  • Modelling

  • Emotional release strategies

  • Direct suggestion

  • Future pacing and visualisation

  • Self-hypnosis

  • Anchoring, Swish, and other Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) methods

  • Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapeutic (CBH) strategies

Due to the nature of this type of therapy, it is difficult to project the volume of sessions that your child may require. In my experience, between four to six sessions is generally sufficient, but this depends on your child's presenting issue amongst many other factors. As part of your child's comprehensive hypnotherapeutic programme, you will be sent hypnotherapy recordings of sessions at various stages to play for your child before sleep, so that they are continually practising techniques between sessions. You, as their parent or caregiver, can also be instrumental in helping them with homework tasks to ensure long-lasting changes, but it is always good, if your child is able to, that you allow them to take responsibility for listening to their recordings, thus taking responsibility for their therapy too.

If your child's presenting issue is not detailed on this page, please get in touch with me to discuss what's going on for them as hypnotherapy can be tailored to and helpful in almost all situations.

To offer you complete peace of mind when I'm working with your child, I also hold an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Certificate (DBS). This is updated on a yearly basis and can be made available to view should you wish to.

Please feel free to contact me or to launch a chat if you have any questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you are ready, you can book your free initial consultation by clicking the button below.

I look forward to meeting your child and you and to working with you both soon!