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Smoking damages your health, reduces your quality of life, and can play a role in limiting your life expectancy. Everyone knows these facts, so why is it often so difficult to stop smoking?

Alongside the physical addiction, there are often psychologically hardwired, hidden reasons why people find it easier to deny the health risks and continue to engage in such a risky habit. How often do you light up as soon as you wake up? Do you have a cigarette every time you have a cup of tea or coffee? Do you smoke as soon as you get into your car? or as a chance to actually get a break at work? That's because it's not just the physical addiction at play here, smoking is a conditioned response, a habitual practice that often requires unconscious reprogramming to stop.

The reasons that we start smoking in the first place are many and varied, peer pressure, establishing our independence, or rebelling against caregivers or authority figures are just a few. Hypnotherapy can help you to discover the real reasons why you started, why you continue, what your triggers are, and when you are most likely to be triggered.

My smoking cessation scripts utilise various hypnotherapeutic methods to encourage you to remember why you started, why you continue, what your true motivations are for stopping. They encourage you to consider your health and what may happen if you don't stop smoking. 

Smoking cessation hypnotherapy can then assist you to change your habit, to remove psychological blocks, and enable you to effortlessly never feel the need to reach for a cigarette ever again. Hypnotherapy gives you a chance to communicate with your inner smoker and to unconsciously reprogram yourself to replace smoking with new, healthy habits and coping strategies for yourself. 

Smoking cessation is not for everyone and it will only work if you are 100% committed to the programme provided for you. I ask that my clients are very highly motivated (at least 8/10) before they attend their sessions as hypnotherapy is not a magical cure. However it can be incredibly effective if this is a change that you truly want to make for yourself and your health.

This course of hypnotherapy can be completed over one session. Before we go ahead, I like to get to know my client's needs thoroughly so that you get the results that you desire and deserve. As part of your hypnotherapeutic programme you will have access to an in depth self-assessment tool that will inform what approach I take during your session and allows me to customise your smoking cessation script exactly to you.

During your session you will be guided into a relaxed state of hypnosis where you will undergo ego-strengthening, learn self-hypnosis techniques, be primed for success, and encouraged to stop smoking for good.

You will also have the chance to receive a voice recording of your re-enforcement script following this session to help you master self-hypnosis, help with mood, motivation, and to manage any cravings you might experience effortlessly, giving you ongoing support should you ever need it in the future.

Please feel free to contact me or to launch a chat if you require any more information and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Alternatively, if you are ready, click the button below to book your free, no obligation initial consultation.

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