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Chances are you know what you should or should not be eating and how much you should be exercising, so why can’t you lose weight and keep it off? As a veteran of many weight loss programme successes and failures, I know exactly what you may be facing. Expensive healthy eating programmes give you just enough knowledge to lose weight, but they never address the psychology behind weight loss.

Our core belief systems are formed as we grow and the people around us and the environment we grow up in play a huge part in how and why we eat. We learn so much from our parents regarding food and will often take these belief systems into our adult lives. How many of these phrases did you hear whilst you were growing up? "You must eat all of your dinner because some children in other parts of the world are starving." "If you eat all of your dinner then you can have dessert." "If you are good then you can have some sweets."  Comments like these may create feelings of guilt and conflict within people that will cause difficulties in later life.

There are only a few reasons as to why people overeat and most people looking to control their weight will be able to identify with one of them. You may be comfort eating to lessen unpleasant experiences, or to cope with negative emotions. You may find that you eat for reward and entertainment or out of sheer boredom. Sometimes we use food to replace love and affection. Whatever the case may be, we need to establish other ways of rewarding ourselves, nurturing ourselves, and controlling our emotional impulses rather than using food to fill those voids. 
As part of a holistic weight management programme, your weight control hypnotherapy will be completely focused around you and your particular needs. It can involve looking at, if applicable, where your beliefs and impulses around food and eating originate from. Hypnotherapy for Weight Management can also assist you to increase your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and to instil an internal locus of control.
Weight management hypnotherapy can also encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to find other ways to reward yourself rather than with food. It is not based on deprivation and you will not being asked to give up certain things completely unless that is something that you want to do. You'll instead be encouraged to re-evaluate your health and why, how, when, and where you eat. After you have gained these insights, your unconscious mind will be gently guided to enjoy healthy eating and to reduce the urge to snack or to eat unhealthy food. If you wish to enhance your motivation to exercise, you will be encouraged to move more and to take care of your body, thus increasing your feelings of health and wellbeing. If your motivation to control your weight is strong then hypnotherapy alongside healthy eating and exercise will allow you to achieve your weight management goals and maintain your goal weight for good. 
This course of hypnotherapy can usually be completed over six sessions. As part of your comprehensive weight loss programme, you'll be able to download and use an in depth self-assessment tool that will assist me in crafting your individualised hypnotherapeutic scripts. You will also be given access to your personalised scripts so that you can download and listen to them between sessions to re-enforce what you are learning and to use in the future should you need to.
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