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Whether you are exercising for enjoyment or health, or you are a professional athlete, hypnotherapy has long been the go to approach to assist people in overcoming self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviours, improving motivation, and helping people to improve their performance in many different fields. Often, the ability to perform well in something has more to do with how you approach it mentally, rather than the actual physical abilities that you already possess.


90% of performance is in the mind and when your mind is capable of imagining positive change, motivation, and success, it’s capable of making it happen. In creating your goal and getting your unconscious to truly believe in it, it is possible to achieve your desired aspirations and dreams.

Hypnotherapy can help you to foster a more positive mental attitude, thus enhancing your physical performance through:


  • Relaxing

  • Releasing stress

  • Managing anxieties

  • Removing negative thoughts and self-defeating beliefs

  • Boosting your self-esteem

  • Improving your self-confidence and self-belief

  • Increasing your motivation and dedication

  • Maintaining your composure and overcome distractions

  • Focusing on your own performance

  • Achieving your goals and aspirations


Athletes often talk about "being in the zone" and many successful professional athletes also use hypnotherapy to learn to control their state of mind, enabling them to focus, remove peripheral distractions, and prevent nerves from affecting their performance. Hypnotherapy could assist you to have the edge on your competitors or to improve your exercise or sporting performance for personal reasons. Hypnotherapy can often help with (amongst many other sports and hobbies):


  • Golfing technique

  • Running

  • Athletics

  • Cycling

  • Football

  • Rugby

  • Gymnastics

  • Boxing

  • Darts

  • Cricket

  • Swimming

Your hypnotherapeutic treatment programme will tap into not only your motivations to change, but your confidence, self-belief, self-esteem and inner strengths leaving you free and ready to embrace success. Alongside cognitive behavioural-based (CBT) strategies, solution-focused behavioural approaches appropriate to you will be selected to extinguish negative thoughts, emotions, responses, and habits and to condition new ones. 

This course of hypnotherapy can be completed over four sessions but some client's may need additional sessions if more in depth methods such as regression to discover a root cause are required. If this might be a possibility, it will be discussed after the first few sessions and the approach that we take then negotiated to get the best possible outcome for you. You will also be sent voice recordings of your sessions at several stages so that you can listen to them at home, re-enforcing what you are learning in between your sessions and giving you ongoing support should you ever need it in the future.

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