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So, you really want to make that change! That’s fantastic! Now you just have to motivate yourself to take the plunge and see it through. Easy, right?

Whether you want to exercise more, go back into education, seek a career change or a new job, run a Couch to 5K, learn to play guitar, take up painting, improve your relationship, or just struggle to prioritise throughout the day, hypnotherapy can assist you in making the changes you desire.

Hypnotherapy has long been the go to approach to assist people in overcoming self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviours, improving motivation, and helping people to improve their performance. Often, the ability to perform well in something has more to do with how you approach it mentally, rather than the actual physical abilities that you already possess.

Do you often get in your own way of achieving success? Do you spend all day tidying a cupboard whilst your assignment, revision, work duties, or other pressing responsibilities just pile up? If so hypnotherapy can be incredibly effective for those who:

  • Procrastinate

  • Have poor time management skills

  • Have poor prioritisation skills

  • Struggle with timekeeping / lateness

Most people who live in these ways say that they work better under pressure but then cannot cope with the stress and anxiety once it hits, and that is no way to have to live. Hypnotherapy can help you to figure out why you take part in displacement activities or why you continue to behave in these ways. Once discovered, we can begin to reprogram your unconscious mind with positive and helpful behaviours and habits, ensuring that you never leave anything to the last minute ever again.

During your hypnotherapeutic sessions you will be taught both cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) strategies including:

  • Chunking down

  • Chunking up

  • Prioritisation skills

  • Selective reinforcement

  • Immediate self-reward systems

  • Accountability skills

  • Pomodoro technique

Hypnotherapy can also help with motivation and performance enhancement in the following areas:


  • Your career

  • Giving presentations

  • Public speaking

  • Stage fright

  • Teaching

  • Job interviews

  • Meetings

  • Studying

  • Tests and exams

  • Driving / motorcycle tests

  • Exercise

  • Healthy eating

  • Creativity

  • Removing writer's block

Hypnotherapy helps you to improve and enhance your mental attitude by helping you to:


  • Relax

  • Release stress

  • Manage anxieties

  • Remove negative thoughts and self-defeating beliefs

  • Boost your self-esteem

  • Improve your self-confidence and self-belief

  • Increase your motivation and dedication

  • Maintain your composure and overcome distractions

  • Focus on your own performance

  • Achieve your goals and aspirations

Your hypnotherapeutic treatment programme will tap into not only your motivations to change, but your self-confidence, self-belief, self-esteem, and innate strengths leaving you free and ready to embrace a new a chapter within your life. Alongside cognitive behavioural-based (CBT) strategies, solution-focused behavioural approaches are selected to extinguish negative responses and habits and to condition new ones. You’ll be guided into a natural, relaxing, hypnotic state that will allow you to focus closer and concentrate on the changes that you wish to see in yourself, making it easier to help you motivate yourself, believe in yourself, and to regain total control of yourself.

Hypnotherapy for Motivation and Performance Enhancement can usually be completed over four to six sessions. However, some clients may need additional sessions if requiring more in-depth methods such as regression to discover a root cause. If this might be a possibility, this can be discussed after the first few sessions and the approach that we take then negotiated to get the best possible outcome for you. You will also be sent voice recordings of your individualised scripts at several intervals, allowing you to listen to them at home to re-enforce what you are learning in between sessions and giving you ongoing support should you ever need it in the future.

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